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Advice Corner from an Echo Graduate


"Hi, My name is Kyra Herbert. I am a first year Education Major at Wesley College. Transitioning to college was easier than I expected it to be, the coursework is definitely tougher and the social aspect, as well, however, I have learned to adapt to the hardships of college life. Time management was something that surprised me because I was not very good with time management in high school, so when I arrived at college I was thrown for a loop. When you are looking at colleges you should look at size and scholarships so that you have money when you first start out in college.


I wished I had used the information I learned with The Echo Collective, especially money management.  I will try to use those skills I learned this semester."












"Hi, My name is Casai High. I am a first-year Computer Science Major at Hampton University. Transitioning to college was harder than I expected it to be. The coursework is definitely tougher and the social aspect, as well. The only thing that surprised me was how fast deadlines came; it would seem like I had forever to complete an assignment then all of a sudden the due date was in a couple of weeks. Time management was something that surprised me because I was good with time management in high school. When picking out your college of choice I would say definitely visit the college on a regular day, not on a special day for incoming or accepted students, go on a day when nothing is going on so you can see how the college really is. Also, apply for a lot of scholarships because college is expensive. Work the summer before you go to college because you will definitely need money! 


Honestly, I wished I had used the information I learned in the sessions with The Echo Collective like joining clubs and organizations and managing my money better. I will definitely try more this semester. "

Casai High

Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Class of 2018

Kyra Herbert

Saul Agricultural High School, Class 2018

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Now that “don’t quit your day job” has morphed into “don’t quit your day job, but also get another one!” entrepreneur Nicaila Matthews Okome is here to help you follow your passions all the way to a profitable side hustle. In true meta form, Side Hustle Pro began as a blog that informed women of color how to grow their businesses, and then it grew into its own fruitful podcast and is now Okome’s main gig. Need inspo to get over that wall? Okome has the foothold you’re looking for.

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