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Female College Students

About The Echo Collective

The purpose of The Echo Collective (TEC) is to work with young women who already show the promise of leadership through their academic and extra curricular activities, and hone their competencies to take them to the next level of personal and professional development. The program is a complement to academic and educational learning with a human capital development component.  Our goal is to develop persistent and skilled women. 


We will work to develop skills and provide supports and resources to women, from the Greater Philadelphia area, who are on the path to college entrance and those that are preparing to enter the work force.


After completion of the program, each young woman will be named an Echo and will serve in an advisory capacity to further develop and inform the next series.  The Echoes will provide peer-to-peer support to the incoming cohort; this will allow the previous cohort the opportunity to echo the skills learned while in the program.


At the final stage of service as an advisor, Echoes will be partnered with a successful female coach who have the college and/or career that the young woman aspires too, for a shadowing opportunity. It is our belief that as a result of these guided experiences, the women will develop the persistence and skills to become 21st century influencers.

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