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Are You Setting Yourself Up For Success?

What an interesting question, right?! The question is one that we need to ask as a personal growth check-in from time to time. Let TEC invite you to ask yourself the

following questions to see if you're setting yourself up for a successful school and/or work career.

  • Do you make your physical and mental health a priority in your life?

  • Do you invest in those things that will increase your skills?

  • Who is in your circle? Are they like-minded and supportive?

  • Are you well-informed about world, local, and pop culture news?

  • Are you able to be flexible when necessary?

How did you do answering the questions? Are there some areas that could use an overhaul or more consideration? Take some time and explore whatever barriers there are to success or conversely, where are there areas of strength that you can be proud of developing.

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