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What Are Your Money Rituals or Practices?

Many of us have a morning ritual or a religious or spiritual practice, but do you have a ritual with your money? Has money management been developed into a practice, yet? It is never too late to build financial custody skills! We all know what custody means, right? It is the care of something that you care about and we all care about having money! However, how are your custodian skills about keeping money?

Let's put some simple steps into place to start developing your financial rituals and practices. Remember, you are building a practice, give yourself grace to make some mistakes, but continue to develop a ritual that works for you!

  1. Commit to a money ritual or practice sooner rather than later

  2. Write down what financial requirements you have to fulfill every week

  3. Give every dollar a place to go, i.e. bills, loan repayment, savings, spending, etc.

  4. What emergency could your savings cover, right now? What would you like it to do?

  5. Don't hate the money that you have, strive to make the money you don't have?

This is just a start to developing a new gentle with yourself. Changing attitudes, practices, and mindsets takes time. Remember, your money, is YOUR money and you have the right to make YOUR choices. However, sometimes our choices may have negative consequences. Give to yourself the gift of the pause, when shopping for anything, take a moment to decide if your purchase will intefere with your new money ritual or practice.

We wish you good luck with your financial custody - we hope your new practices will pay you in abundance!

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