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Teaching What You Need To Know

What The Echo Collective Does

The idea of The Echo Collective came from the overarching theme,


“I wish I would have been better prepared for school and the workforce.”

To address some of the gaps in formal education, a series of workshops have been developed to fit the needs of tomorrow’s female influencers so that they are equipped with the skills necessary to be successful.


Our program can be implemented on an individual basis or through cohorts of any size.

Workshops include, but are not limited to, training and education in the following content areas, which is tailored to the needs of the participants:


  • Understanding money and credit

  • College choice

  • Navigating campus life

  • Shining in the interview

  • Learning the skills to get, and keep, your dream job

  • Mastering the art of networking


Graduates of the program can echo the skills learned while in the program by serving in an advisory capacity and providing peer-to-peer support to incoming cohorts. Echoes can also be partnered with a female workforce coach for a shadowing opportunity.


It is our belief that because of these guided experiences, women develop the confidence and competence to become 21st Century influencers.

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